The Long Road Back

Man walks to help kids, get gym back


Port Isabel-South Padre Press

It’s said that every journey begins with a first step. For Harlingen resident David Remp, that first step began Saturday morning at the base of the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway in Port Isabel and was set to end some 40 miles later in Harlingen. While walking those long miles, Remp carried on his shoulder a 75-pound wooden cross.

The journey wasn’t easy or without pain, he said. The cross’ weight would force him to alternate which shoulder he carried it on a minimum of 1,500 times, he estimated. Walking on hard and hot asphalt with a fracture in one foot made the task no easier, either.

Some may wonder what would drive a man to walk such a distance with such a burden during one of the hottest days of this year so far. For Remp, it’s a mission to help raise awareness for a kids’ anti-drug and anti-alcohol program he hopes to get off the ground. It’s a mission he felt compelled  to fulfill one night, amid tears, while living in a homeless shelter.

But to understand how that late night epiphany happened, one must first go further back in time.

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