Woman inspires cancer fundraiser

Sally Scaman's Hair Raising Event ~~ 026WEB

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A diagnosis of cancer is devastating news to receive. In an instant, perspectives shift, priorities change, and every minute of life becomes a precious commodity. Most react with tears, denial, shock, and understandably, enormous fear. But not Sally Scaman. She accepted the news of her breast cancer diagnosis as just another of life’s obstacles to overcome. Instead of jumping into the pity pool, Scaman turned a challenging time in her own life into an inspiring crusade to help others facing the same difficulties.

A friend referred Sally’s name to the local non-profit organization Walk for Women (W4W), which raises and donates money to individuals in the Rio Grande Valley fighting cancer, helping them and their families with the enormous financial costs associated with the care and treatment of the illness. But Sally would have none of it. She politely declined, informing W4W that her insurance was excellent and she had no need for assistance. Instead, she organized not one but two different charity events to raise funds to for Walk for Women.

Sally is a beloved SPI resident, and her large circle of friends rallied to help organize “Sally’s Great Hair Raising” events, one at PadreRitaGrille, where Scaman shaved he head for donations, and another this past Sunday at Louie’s Backyard. Two of Sally’s biggest supporters, local musicians Mark Atwood and Joel Melton, upped the ante for donations by vowing to shave their heads if certain donation levels were met, and from there, the contest took on a life of its own.

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