Letter to the Editor for 8-18-2016

Special to the PRESS

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been coming to South Padre Island for 50 years and have stayed at many locations over the years. I have to say I love the Island and will come again and again. This summer I stayed at a lovely location on the bay side and was having a grand time until my family had to deal with their vehicle being towed from the parking lot at midnight. I find the fact that the tow truck snuck in quietly at that time of night to be a huge Red Flag that what they were doing was perhaps legal but not very Island friendly.  We had rented two condos and one of the rules was to keep a paper parking permit on the dash showing we had rights to park. Yes, it said keep the paper on the dash and for whatever reason that night when the tow truck snuck in at midnight the paper was not on the dash but in truck. I heard the tow truck from my bedroom and alerted my children who ran outside just in time to see their truck being towed away. They followed the truck to Port Isabel where they produced the parking permit which was in the truck and thankfully they were able to get their truck back at that time with a $265 fine but not without being treated terribly by the Port Isabel police. The towing company had been in possession of the truck less than 30 minutes and I feel this fine was outrageous. Yes my son was very upset and mad and probably very verbal but I would have been mad also. They had been on the Island for two weeks and this is how their vacation ended. I am writing this letter mainly to warn other vacationers that even if they are paying customers they had sure better place their parking permit on the dash or the fact that you have paid a lot of money to rent a condo won’t help a bit when this happens to them. The SPI police were called also and they came promptly and I want to say they were very courteous and helpful in this situation.

Thank You,

Nancy Sweeten




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