Parking, White Sands Street improvements addressed

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Parking and safety issues related to White Sands Street dominated the discussions at the Aug. 17 South Padre Island City Council meeting.

SPI Mayor Barry Patel put forth an agenda item  to approve the first reading of Ordinance 16-17, establishing a no parking zone on the south side of White Sands Street east of Padre Boulevard.  Patel cited previous discussions with residents of the Tiki Condominiums in which concerns were voiced about the parking situation on that street. “We need to come to some kind of a plan to make that street indeed a good beach access,” stated Patel.

Stormy Wall, Island resident and General Manager of the Tiki, spoke on behalf of the condominium owners. He described the issues faced by residents there each weekend. “It’s turned into a parking lot from beach to boulevard,” stated Wall. He emphasized that the street is used by residents and guests of the 144 Tiki Condominiums, as well as the guests at the Holiday Inn, as their access to walk to the beach, creating a dangerous situation with families carrying beach supplies, with children in tow, having to navigate down the middle of the street, through the sea of cars trying to park on the street.

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