From the Desk of the Laguna Vista City Manager

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From the Desk of the City Manager

LV Residents and Friends,

This is to provide you a brief update on the upcoming community events and to share information that may be of interest to you.

  • The police department is preparing for the Labor Day weekend.  Increased patrolling will be taking place this three-day weekend.  Police Chief Tony David offers safety tips below.
  • The Town secured two hummers (at no charge): one for the police department, and one for the fire department.  I have attached a couple of pics of the police hummer that was just painted.
  • Learn below of the Town’s efforts to foster relations with the community.   The Town continuously strives to promote transparency and openness while attempting to cultivate relations.  We are using social media and the Town website for these efforts.

Below is an update on the Town’s sales tax receipts for August as well as a three year history of these receipts for your review.   An update on the August 19 Summary Budget Comparison is also provided.

On behalf of the Town Council and the Staff, we truly appreciate your interest in YOUR community.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I can be contacted at 943-1793 or at

Serving you, I remain

Rolando Vela

City Manager


 Recovered Stolen Jet Skis

You may have read the story earlier a couple of weeks ago of the two jet skis, reported stolen at the Island, which were recovered the same day.  What you didn’t read what that it was a Laguna Vista officer that conducted the traffic stop that resulted in the arrests of the individuals that had stolen them.

“Train With A Cop” Fitness Class To Be Offered

The Town wishes to thank the Port Isabel Fitness Gym.  It has agreed to partner with the Laguna Vista Police Department and allow Officer Christina Vega, who’s a certified personal trainer, to provide a “Train With A Cop” class at no charge to the community.  Additional information about this fitness class will posted on the Laguna Vista Police Department FaceBook page.

Labor Day weekend

The Laguna Vista Police Department plans to increase the number of officers patrolling during the Labor Day weekend and will be watching for drunk drivers.  The Laguna Vista Police Department wants everyone to have a very safe weekend and to make it home safely after their travels.

Police Chief Tony David offers the following tips for a safe—and legal—Holiday Weekend

  • Take a cab or call a friend if drinking;
  • Eliminate distractions;
  • Buckle up;
  • Slow down;
  • Avoid fatigued driving;
  • Pull over for police;

The Laguna Vista CARES “Don’t Drive Distracted” campaign, we are currently promoting, seeks to remind drivers not to get distracted while driving.  With more traffic anticipated the Labor Day weekend, we, at the Town of Laguna Vista, want to remind drivers to pay attention to the road.

Laguna Vista CARES “Don’t Drive Distracted” banners are set up on the corner of FM 510 and Highway 100 and on FM 510 to remind people on the importance of paying attention to the road and not getting distracted.  Thousands of people regularly drive through these thoroughfares on a daily basis.  Laguna Vista CARES.

Police and Fire Hummers

Here are a couple of pics of the police hummer that was just painted. It’s a 1990 hummer with 16,000 miles. A blue stripe will be painted on each side with the police emblem on it. It will be used for community events and occasionally to patrol the community. It will also be used during emergencies (heavy rains, etc.).

The second hummer is currently being painted. It will be for the fire department. A red stripe will be painted on each side of this second hummer.

Bahia Grande Visitors Center

The Town has partnered with the County on the Bahia Grande Visitors Center project which will be an ecological nature center to be built on part of the Town-owned 23 acres on Highway 100 between the Laguna Madre Bay and Bahia Grande. The objective is to convert this undeveloped acreage into a first class tourist attraction in South Texas that would include an outdoor classroom, partnership with UTRGV, walking/jogging trails, kayaking, etc. This project is estimated to cost $10 million.

On the November ballot will be a tax venue, whereby hotel occupancy tax proceeds, will be used to fund this Bahia Grande Visitors Center and operation.

Update on ETJ litigation

This is to update the local residents on the ETJ litigation the Town is involved in with regard to the Brownsville strip annexations.

The Town of Laguna Vista and the City of Port Isabel received a significant Court victory on August 16, 2016.  Brownsville filed a Motion for Summary Judgment asking the 103rd District Court to throw out Laguna Vista’s and Port Isabel’s claims that Brownsville’s 2001 and 2002 annexations, in and around Laguna Vista and Port Isabel, were void.  After a lengthy hearing, and after considering the evidence and argument of the attorneys, the Court denied Brownsville’s Motion, and ordered this case to trial.  A Cameron County jury will now consider all fact issues in dispute between the three communities.  The Court will then apply the jury’s fact findings to the law.

During the course of this litigation, Brownsville has thrown up every legal roadblock imaginable, but they have failed at every turn.  The Town looks forward to a jury considering the evidence which we believe clearly shows that Brownsville’s aggressive strip annexation practices were reckless and downright greedy.  Brownsville is simply unable to provide services to the people and businesses in the annexed territories at issue.  Laguna Vista and Port Isabel are in a much better position to serve the people in the territories around them and promote economic growth.

A date for the jury trial will be set at a conference with the court on September 20, 2016.  Trial is expected to be set next year.  The discovery phase of the case will continue.

Advisory Boards – Openings
Interested in serving in one of the Town’s advisory boards? The Town has 2 openings in the Community Development Corporation (CDC) Board.

If you are interested in being considered, please obtain an application from the City Secretary by calling 943-1793 or by sending an email to request a copy.  The Town appreciates your interest.

The Town and the Community

The Town works hard to foster relations with the community.  It’s important not only to be transparent and to promote openness, but it’s also equally important to continuously reach out to the local citizens and cultivate relations with them.  We do so by initiating the following:

  1. Having an open door policy:  citizens can drop by at any time, from8am t0 5pm, to meet with the City Manager and the Town Staff.  Arrangements can also be made to meet before or after hours.
  2. E-tips.  Citizens can go online to the Town website and anonymously report any suspicious activity.  The email goes directly to the Police Chief.  The link to e-tips is
  3. We also have a Citizens Compliment and Complaints link on the Town website whereby citizens can send emails directly to the City Manager.  The link is
  4. Town website – welcome page:  The Town Staff regularly puts updates on the “Laguna Vista Headlines” to keep the citizens informed on areas that may be interest to them.
  5. Facebook:  The Town has a Facebook page and regularly post stories, information on upcoming events, and news that may be of interest to the public.  The Police Department, Fire Department, and the Library do the same.
  6. Mobile App:  The Town Staff is presently working on a Town app that the public will be able upload to their mobile phones.

Upcoming Meetings/Community Events

  • Special CDC Board Meeting: Monday, September 12 at 6pm
  • Regular Town Council Meeting: Tuesday, September 13 at 6pm


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