Letters to the Editor for 9-08-2016

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UTRGV Fails valley healthcare test

Dear Editor,

Last week UTRGV announced a Memorandum of Understanding with Next Decade LNG, much to the dismay and disappointment of alumni, retirees, students, and donors of UTRGV.

Much has been made of the arrival of the new medical school, but the Hippocratic Oath seems to have been forgotten in this rush by UTRGV to embrace the toxic pollution of the LNGs.

The first part of the Hippocratic Oath admonishes medical doctors to “do no harm” and “neither will you administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will you suggest such a course. “ Sadly, it seems the administrative “doctors” of UTRGV have blinders on when viewing the threats to the health of the local communities and ecosystems in the Laguna Madre area. If just 1 LNG plant is built, it will immediately become, by far, the largest polluter in Cameron County!

It is well documented that the most cost effective way to improve the health of a given population is by Primary health care, which stops potential problems before they start. This tenet of medical practice is being totally ignored by UTRGV by wanting to bring LNGs to poison the local populaces of the nearby communities of South Padre Island, Port Isabel, Long Island Village, and Laguna Vista.

UTRGV isolates itself from the international scientific and medical communities by stating the continued development and use of fossil fuels will lead to a better life for its students and the communities.

Our students need and deserve guidance to renewable energy jobs, Not being chained to the fossil fuel monstrosities the LNGs and fracking represent.

This outdated thinking is a toxic cancer which UTRGV, under President Guy Bailey, seems intent on spreading.

Rick Teter,
Laguna Vista

Coast Guard Comments on LNG facilities

Dear Editor,

September 22nd is the deadline to file comments with the Coast Guard on the Federal Register about the 3 proposed LNG (liquefied natural gas) export terminals proposed for the Brownsville Ship Channel.

Comments can be made online at www.regulations.gov/document?D=USCG-2016-0626-0001.  Look for Comment Now near the upper right hand corner of the webpage.  Your comment should be “on the proposed construction of these LNG facilities”.

If you traverse the local waterways for commercial or recreational reasons or enjoy our current environment by residing near the water, now is the time to voice your concerns about the changes that will come with LNG transport.  These LNG companies will be exploiting our natural resources to export their fossil fuel products through our communities for their own corporate profits.

Diane Teter,
Laguna Vista


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