Residents urge, ‘Skip the Straw’

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

It was a shocking video that made the rounds of social media some months back: a sea turtle with a plastic drinking straw lodged deep in one nostril. Good Samaritans found the animal and removed the straw, which had sunk several inches into its nose. It was that video and the beachcombing finds of some local residents which spurred them into action to minimize or eliminate the use of plastic straws on South Padre Island.

“Plastic straws have been a real concern to the marine life,” said Carol Gluntz, a member of “The Last Plastic Straw,” a recently formed subcommittee of Keep South Padre Island Beautiful.

Earlier this week, members of the group met to discuss how to go about implementing their campaign, which seeks to convince Island business owners to change how they serve beverages. The goal is to eliminate plastic straw use on the Island, or to minimize their use as much as possible by switching to biodegradable paper straws and making straws a ‘by request’ item.

In the coming weeks, The Last Plastic Straw’s members will be visiting Island restaurants and bars, armed with letters that explain what the campaign is all about, as well as samples of paper straws.

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