Form Based Code revision nixed

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The South Padre Island Planning and Zoning Commission considered revisions to the City’s form based code in its Oct. 20 meeting.

A public hearing was held on the issue of amending the code related to Padre Boulevard and Entertainment District Code to allow retail sales services in zones designated as Neighborhood Transition Character Zone (NT). In the background information provided to the Commission by Director of Development Services Dr. Sungman Kim, he stated that the issue that brought this matter to the Commission’s attention was the intent to move an existing retail service on the Island, Ace Hardware, from its current location to a new location. The new location however is zoned NT, which — as the code is currently written — does not allow for retail services.

The owners of the lots in question were requesting that the lots for Ace Hardware plus two additional lots be rezoned to accommodate retail services. Dr. Kim’s recommendation was to change the code to allow for retail services in the NT zone. Dr. Kim also noted that in its Oct. 11 meeting, the Development Standards Review Task Force recommendation was to deny the request to make this same change.

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