Writer’s Block: Don’t Rain On My Parade

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I’d much rather be out enjoying this weather. All week long it’s been perfect. Sunny skies, wispy clouds drifting along a backdrop of brightest azure and pleasant warmth with just the right amount of chill in the breeze to kiss your skin and keep you cool.

Yet, no matter how much I’d prefer to be outside I’ve had to settle for watching the shadows of the building next door march across the walls of our offices as the sun makes its daily arc in the sky — the sunlight streaming in the window slowly changing from shades of gold to dusky, dim blues. Despite the sweet siren song of fair weather there’s something that’s kept me, and perhaps you, from enjoying it: this pesky thing called work.

Now, I kid about work being pesky; it’s better to be busy than not, after all. But it always seems to be the case that the weather on weekdays is great while the cold fronts and rain storms wait until the 5 o’clock hour chimes on Friday afternoons to swoop in and dampen the mood, doesn’t it?

And as of right now, it looks like that may be the case this weekend, as well. There’s a chance of a shower on Saturday. I hope old man rain stays away, though.

They say the end of January marks the end of most New Year’s resolutions. After a month of trying to follow a new diet, or making use of a new gym membership, or reminding yourself to keep up with whatever resolution you made, many people just quietly… stop.

I get it. Life gets in the way. I had my own lapse last week when I didn’t have the time to go for a single walk during the week. I was kicking myself for failing. And that’s part of the reason I hope the weather remains good this weekend. I’m also glad the days are slowly getting longer. Good weather and later sunsets means there’s a better chance for us 9-to-5ers to get out there and get active, to keep making good on those resolutions.

I did manage to get a walk in earlier this week. The late afternoon sun burned gold when I began, and by the time I finished up I’d had the pleasure of watching the dimming sunlight paint the clouds in vibrant pinks, oranges and even reds. Looking up at the thin layer of mackerel clouds move slowly in the upper atmosphere I got to see something else, too: the thinnest crescent moon shining wanly at its zenith. It was the last sliver of light before the new moon. Just above it a planet twinkled in the still glowing early evening sky.

It’s the small moments like these that I relish. When the weather is good.

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