Rezoning request denied again

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South Padre Island Mayor Barry Patel opened a public hearing to discuss rezoning Lot 2, Block 96, Padre Beach Section VII from Neighborhood Transition Character Zone (NT) to Neighborhood Crossing (NC) during the Feb. 15 City Council meeting.

No one from the public spoke in favor of the proposed rezoning request sought by Ace Hardware. An email from someone in opposition was read aloud by Council Member Alita Bagley, stating, “It appears that Ace Hardware is submitting a request again to rezone Lot 2, Block 96 from Neighborhood Transition Character Zone to Neighborhood Crossing. I will again ask that you consider denying this request as this will eliminate having a transition buffer between homes and heavy commercial use and set up a precedent for other businesses.”

Shane Wilson also spoke in opposition of the proposal, raising the question of a possible scrivener’s error regarding the wording of the agenda item. Wilson pointed out that the lot in question had been recently approved to be re-platted as 2A when it was merged with an adjacent lot.

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