Letters to the Editor for April 27, 2017

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor;

Our esteemed U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela is once again spouting off about things of which he has very little knowledge with a potty mouth that won’t quit flapping.

Where is Mother Vela?  She should be washing Little Filemon’s mouth out with soap and little water.

He continually performs in a manner that is unacceptable for a U.S. Congressman.  He acts like a school boy using school-yard expletives toward our most respected position in the land.  I would like to see him use those words in front of President Trump in the cloak room of the House of Representatives.  But Little Filemon doesn’t have the guts for that.

Little Filemon is nothing but a gnat on the nose of our president and needs to be slapped off.

Then he has to flap his mouth against the proposed border wall, that is in reality likely to be a “border wall” in effect rather than an actual bricks and mortar wall in our area.  Everyone understands the near impossibility of building a solid 20-feet wall across Cameron County.  But that does not mean that a virtual wall cannot be provided.

The question ought to be, who is Little Filemon working for?  Apparently, he wants the illegals to come over to gain access to our ballot boxes and swing our elections to his party.  Or, he wants the drug cartels to have free access to our roads, towns and citizens to peddle more of their death potions.  Or, he wants to let the human traffickers have free reign in their exploitation of not only our youth, but the youth from other parts of the world.  Who is he working for, anyway?

Little Filemon should not listen to the misguided yelps of business owners in the Valley.  Do those business folks get so much business from illegals that they can’t live without them?  I thought it was citizens and legal visitors who business folks expect to draw into their stores and places of business to engage in commerce.

I can hardly see how “relations” between the two countries can be harmed because we in the U.S. want to preserve our borders.  We understand the complications of border life in the Valley.  We have been coming down here since the 1940s and been a full-time resident since 1997.  We just happen to realize that this is 2017 and life is not as free-flowing as it was 50 years ago.  We just have to keep up with the way life is today.  And today that means SECURITY.

So, Little Filemon needs to show us why he should not resign from Congress, if he cannot support our laws and our desire to be secure. As far as respect goes, he ain’t got ours!

Duane Rasmussen,
Port Isabel

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter to the editor by Mr. Birdwell in a recent edition, I humbly interject that I recognize his heart for fair and equal treatment of all humans of all color and creed. I however, believe that his assessment of the community marina situation on the basis of racism is clearly unfounded and detracts from the real issues at hand. I was not able to attend the workshop and did not hear the comments that would or could have been construed as racism and cannot pretend to know the heart of this or these persons. I, however, do share in the belief that the marina should not become public. I commend you, Mr. Birdwell in standing up for the ideals and visions of our accepting and multi-cultural community, but I hope to give you another perspective.

There is an obvious misunderstanding that “only boat owners” can join the communities’ LVRA. This is not written and the LVRA can and should be joined by all residents of Laguna Vista. In fact, my husband was a member long before he owned a boat. There is no discrimination here! More amenities could be considered with more membership. The more members, the better for the marina, better for the community, thus community marina! I would encourage all residents to join and become active in the marina’s future. I, as other community residents, believe that a public-use marina would be a detriment to the community as well as the city finances. Correct me if I am wrong, but there are questions of cost, traffic, safety/policing, and insurance premiums for a public facility with no increase in city income. Furthermore, there is not ample parking for public marina use and visions of trash and trucks with boat trailers parked up and down our streets (not only on Beach Blvd.) is a nightmare for those who live, walk, jog, bicycle and drive golf carts in the vicinity. Street repair needs would increase as well as the aforementioned issues, and to what end? How would these increases in costs be paid? More grants from the government? More taxes? Taxes collected are hardly ever distributed as any individual deems proficient, thereby leaving deficits in many needed projects to the community that is taxed. The very attraction of the area for residents would be diminished, as well as the value of the homes that fund our tax base. Laguna Vista at present is growing and has a promising future. The community marina has been a large part of the draw for the people that have chosen to live here. I am not seeing this as a racist or a prejudicial issue at all. I see it as a love for our growing community. I see it as a hope for continuance of quality of life of our community. I see it as a prayer for keeping our neighborhoods safe. More distinctly, all of these things for ALL that live here, no matter what race, background or economic status.

Debi Chamberlain
Laguna Vista

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