‘Causeway Cat’ saved

Police chief aids in rescue, shelter gears up for Ay Chihuahua

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

It’s said that cats have nine lives. And on Thursday, May 11, those extra lives came in very handy for one frightened kitten.

The kitten, completely white like new fallen snow, was trapped on the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway when a motorist noticed it Thursday afternoon huddling near the bridge’s retaining walls and called for help.

Port Isabel Animal Control Supervisor Oscar Del Abra said a motorist heading towards South Padre Island noticed the cat. He quickly went into action, calling for the assistance of the Port Isabel Police Department to travel onto the Causeway with him as he searched for the frightened feline. It just so happened the cop who answered the call was none other than Police Chief Robert Lopez.

“We got a call in our dispatch of a concerned citizen saying they they’d seen a cat on the Causeway,” Lopez said. “I went out there and met the animal control (officer) and we went on the bridge and found it,” he said.

Del Abra approached the bridge first, with the chief following behind, he said. The pair didn’t see the cat during their first pass of the bridge, but as they were making the return trip to the mainland, Del Abra said he noticed the small animal huddling in one of the spaces built into the bridge’s retaining walls to allow rainwater to escape.”

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