Funding requests, Clayton’s Pier top Council talks

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The South Padre Island City Council weighed funding requests against proposed budget concerns as well as debated a beach and dune permit for a proposed pier at Clayton’s Beach Bar during its regular meeting held on Wednesday, June 7.

“These are very worthwhile causes we have here listed. They’re wonderful. But we’ve also been faced with some challenges with this year’s budget,” cautioned Mayor Barry Patel, as Council considered $116,000 in funding requests from six outside agencies.

Council approved $49,000 for in-kind services to the El Paseo Arts Foundation for waiver of fees for the use of the Convention Centre and Community Center.

Citing concerns over deferred maintenance issues that were brought to light during the special session on the proposed budget held earlier in the day, Council moved to table the remainder of the requests until the City finalizes the budget. The tabled requests included $25,000 for the Laguna Madre Youth Center, $25,000 for the Native Plant Center, $10,000 for SandCastle, Inc., $3,000 for Sea Turtle, Inc., and $4,000 for the Valley Proud Environmental Council.

Mayor Patel addressed three issues during the public comments and announcements portion of the meeting. On his first point, he took a moment to address the 2017-2018 draft budget presentation made during the special session. “I think the DMAIC that was done on this particular budget, and all the things that the City Manager Susan Guthrie and her staff went through, were really commendable. I think the City was Council was very pleased to hear a lot of bad news and some good news, too,” Patel said. He went on to state they didn’t hear anything that they couldn’t overcome, and praised City staff for presenting a clear picture of the financial condition as well as the condition of the City’s buildings and infrastructure.

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