Letter to the Editor for June 22, 2017

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

I have been otherwise involved or I would have responded to Walter Birdwell’s letter of 1 June earlier. I don’t know why, however, as I am becoming weary of his diatribes.

Still, I realize that if we each, in our own time and place, do not stand up to those who will destroy our free enterprise republic, then we surely deserve to lose it. The Birdwells are among those who need to be constantly challenged. This nation is fighting a battle against the two philosophies of democracy and socialism. Democracy should have won the battle generations ago. The education of the last two generations has failed to support the only and best system yet devised to make men’s and women’s lives better. We had better get back on track or we, too, will end up in the ash pit of history.

The Birdwells espouse a political philosophy that has continually risen from the ground like dead zombies in an attempt to take over the thinking of a community, society or country almost since the beginning of time. Socialism, communism, fascism and other such philosophies seek the replacement of personal rights, the rights to property, the entire list of our original 10 Amendments, with that of only one right — the right of the government to control us so that all will be treated fairly and all share in the contribution of all to whatever that combined effort takes us.

They call themselves “progressives” when their cause is anything but that. They are, in fact, regressive as they would take us back through the thousands of times that their ideas have been tried… and failed… before. We have been there and done that and if we cannot learn any more from our history and the history of the world, we must learn that the human spirit performs best for itself when it is turned loose to seek its own level of competence and reward.

No, privatizing public space is not so dear to we “reactionaries,” but rather the prevention of occupation of private lands without just compensation and the willingness of both parties to the transaction.

I do not need to attend a meeting to know the drift of what is going on. I have attended more public meetings in my life than I care to count. I know government from 60 years of defending the common man from the government. You give the government a “little proposed city park” and before long you have the need for its enlargement and then the installation of all the amenities I alluded to earlier at great cost to the taxpayer. Again, those who want changes in the marina should not have a problem in joining the Laguna Vista Recreation Association where they will have a voice to accomplish what they will. Then, those who want more can pay for more and leave the rest of us unscathed from government empire building.

Many of us still believe that those who govern best, govern least. We don’t need the government to provide our every wish. Wishes are not needs. If we wish something, then join forces with like thinkers and jump into the world of the free market system and acquire it.

In the meantime, I am becoming weary of those who enter an argument with ignorance as their club that they hit you over the head with to make a point.

Duane A. Rasmussen
Laguna Vista

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