Letters to the Editor for July 27, 2017

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

As one director of the Laguna Madre Water District, I just wanted to set the record straight as it relates to the sewer line situation that occurred on July 12, 2017 and reported in the PRESS on July 20, 2017. The sewer spillage occurred because of the antiquated system of Clayton’s Beach Bar, not of any fault of the Laguna Madre Water District. If Mr. Brashear’s check valve did not break, there would not have been this situation. The district will work with Mr. Brashear and others in the area with antiquated sewer systems to come up with the best solution to prevent such a situation from occurring in the future.

Jeff Keplinger

Dear Editor,

There were two letters to the editor on July 20, 2017 supporting bringing in LNG plants into our area including one by Gary Snyder, who wants the school district to work with these companies. What don’t you all understand? The vast majority of the residents of the Laguna Madre area have already and continue to express to their elected officials that they do not want these facilities anywhere near our community. Just because these facilities might bring a few dozen jobs to the area and increase the tax base a little doesn’t mean we want them in the area. We as public servants must and should abide by the wishes of the majority of our constituents and not a handful of people, who cater to the almighty dollar. We have a beautiful area and do not want it to become littered with facilities such as you see in Corpus Christi and the Houston area. Just my two cents.

Jeff Keplinger


To Your Readers,

A committee has been formed to review/revise the Port Isabel City Charter.  The current charter is almost 40 years old and many things have changed over the past four decades that may tend to impact this charter and our leaders’  (current and future)  ability to serve their oath of office.

The charter is important to YOU, the public, because this charter declares the intent of how we are to be governed.  Each elected official takes a public oath (hand on bible) to uphold the charter in its entirety.

The charter is so important to how we are governed that we, registered voters, are required to vote on it.  The City Commission and Mayor may not make changes to any part of this charter unless those changes are put on a ballot for your consideration and vote.  Currently the charter is “selectively” applied and sometimes ignored.

Many municipalities have adopted mediation rather than litigation to resolve many of its legal conflicts.   This not only saves the tax payers money (lots of money), it simply is more civilized and doesn’t make a spectacle of either party.  While mediation is not final unless both parties agree, it is legal and confidential.  There was some conversation at the meeting of 7/25/l7 about the constitutionality of mediation.   Mediation is not binding unless both parties come to an agreement.  Ligation could still be pursued.  So, where would it be unconstitutional?

This charter does not belong to the Commissioners, nor to the City Attorney nor to the City Manager.  It belongs to the voting public.

Please make plans to attend these meetings and express your concerns.

Lend your voice to help this committee put together a charter that serves the public.

Glenda Stafford, Resident
Port Isabel


Dear Editor,


This is going to be my last response to Duane Rasmussen because he keeps rehashing the same incorrect points over and over and deflecting the arguments. I have better things to do with my time than argue with alt-rightists who are on their last legs politically. You ask if I was a Special Agent or served in that capacity. I would have had to have been one to serve in that capacity, but you should have learned that in the agent’s course. I am not going to confirm or deny it for you. Look it up in a search engine or get someone to do it for you.

If you know the 1948 Delineations Agreement very well, you know that asking the CIC to spy on domestic activities was a violation of that agreement. Delineations means divisions and the FBI was responsible for domestic intelligence. The CIC was responsible for any situations that might involve military personnel or the use of troops. Spying on civilians and keeping files on civilians was a violation of it.

I never said that we were not a Christian nation; I said that we DEVOLVED into one. You imply that President Obama was a Muslim and I know from your earlier writings that you also argue that Obama was not a natural born US citizen. Those are good reasons not to take anything you say seriously, which I do not.

Captain John Smith, the leader of the Virginia Colony in 1608, stated that, “He who does not work shall not eat.” That sounds like distribution according to work. His comment was specifically addressed those who wanted to sit at home and count their money. Those who produce keep people who own stocks in money, not vice versa. This period was about 250 years before communism was thought of, so your argument does not hold water, just like all of the ones that you advance.

Do you ever find it ironic that you were looking into establishing business ties with China and the fat orange haired boy that you call president has had extensive business dealings with Russia and yet you support restrictions on Cuba? You should. The restriction on Cuba that Trump proposed will do nothing but harm the small independent businesses that are growing up there.

I have no problem with my race or gender other than too many alt rightists and neofascists, such as yourself, have the same race and gender that I do. My place in life suits me fine. I am a warrior who is going to save my country from people like you and your allies. I have a problem with my government and my business leaders. I am disaffected with my business leaders and the state and national government. That was entirely legal the last time I checked. The only reason that I might ever want to study the Tea Party or any other neofascist alt right groups would be to smash their agenda and render them politically powerless. That includes your agenda.

We are done here, Rasmussen. You are not worth responding to.

Walter Birdwell
Laguna Vista


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