Charter revisions continue

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

Discussions on proposed revisions, clarifications and updates to the Port Isabel City Charter continued this week as the Charter Review Committee met at City Hall Monday. The bulk of the conversation focused on clarifying language regarding the holding of elections, as well as issues regarding city commissioners.

Among the revisions is a proposal to repeal and replace the entirety of Section 2.02, which describes the qualifications required for a city commissioner. Currently, the language stipulates that a commissioner “shall not be indebted to the City, save and except for ad valorem taxes in the current year, and the previous year only…”

The current language also includes prohibitions against emoluments, reading, “(Commissioners) shall not hold any public office of emolument … shall not be interested in the profits of emoluments or any contract, job, work or service for the City of Port Isabel, or interested in the sale or lease to or by the City of any property, real or personal.”

The new language proposed for the qualifications of commissioners strikes the section in its entirety. While qualifications such as a minimum residency, age requirement and meeting attendance remain the same under the proposed changes, gone are the specifications about personal debt and emoluments. The proposed language instead reads, “(Commissioners) shall have the other qualifications as provided for candidates in the State Election Code.”

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