Shoreline management, disaster guidelines top council talks

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The South Padre Island City Council discussed shoreline management related topics and its annual review of the city manager during its Wednesday, Nov. 1 meeting.

Shoreline Management Director Brandon Hill provided a summary of a City Council and Shoreline Task Force joint workshop held on Thursday, Oct. 19, highlighting five key points.

The first of these was the concept of maintaining a 10-foot tall dune ridge along the shore. Hill’s second point involved Mobi-Mat management and a related topographic study of sand accumulation associated with them. Hill highlighted sargassum seaweed, as well as the consolidation of dune “cut-throughs” as other key points of discussion.

Hill also discussed ordinances on new construction, the raising of retaining walls to compensate for changing sea levels, and the establishment of “post catastrophe guidelines” the City could follow in the event it received significant storm damage requiring largescale rebuilding. Hill described them as, “guidelines that will help shape our city to be more resilient, to be more protected against storm surge in ways that we cannot do currently with our infrastructure.”

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