Parks, projects and holidays top city talks

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

A minor facelift to Washington Park, the funding of a breakwater project at the entrance to The Fingers and the City’s holiday plans topped discussions at a regular meeting of the Port Isabel City Commission Tuesday evening.

First up was a public hearing to discuss a potential funding source for the construction of a breakwater at the entrance to The Fingers. Earlier this year, the City identified the project as part of its hazard mitigation plan and began to pursue options for funding.

“We’re applying for funding to build a breakwater which would go from Galvan Park…. East to keep the currents from going into the harbor,” City Manager Jared Hockema said.

The hazard mitigation plan, in part, helps the City remain eligible for federal disaster relief funds. According to information provided on FEMA’s website, hazard mitigation plans, “are key to breaking the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage.”

They do so by encouraging cities to reduce the potential of future disaster damage via mitigation, such as with Port Isabel’s proposed breakwater plan.

Too, the City hopes constructing a breakwater would help it deal with the recurring problem of silt buildup at the entrance to, and within The Fingers.

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