Letter to the Editor for December 28, 2017

Special to the PRESS

Dear Editor,

We have to correct the negative message at Post Isabel on election procedures.

I read at the Port Isabel Press that Bennie Ochoa decided at the last day not to run and let his son apply at the last day for his position. I respect the voters at Port Isabel who consistently had voted for Mr. Ochoa to be the judge for 37 years. I am also aware that is probably no violation to change his mind at the last minute and let his son sign for his position.

However, this action does not look good for the legacy of Mr. Ochoa.

The RGV has been known for corruption and this action to keep the same people representing the area is not what we understand on how democracy works. This should not be a family affair and the people of Port Isabel deserve better.

We have additional problems in Cameron County with the selection of precinct chairs.  We have been at Precinct 67 for seven and half years. The woman representing our precinct has never called for a meeting or has given any information on what she does as a precinct representative. Once we asked to meet with her.  She told us “she was asked to apply for the position.”  Now this same lady at 67 wants to keep her position as precinct chair and I am sure she has a right to do that if she had represented all of us or had a meeting which she never did. The only meeting where I met her was when we called her to respond to our concerns of no representation.   What is going on?  How can the Democratic Party at Port Isabel look at their faces when we have these time of neo-feudalism practices.  I am asking all the voters of Cameron County to question and to require answers from those who want to represent us.

We cannot criticize the Republican Party if we are failing our community. How many precincts are only on paper and never communicate with their community? No wonder we have a low voter turnout.

I live in this community and I hope the voters in Cameron County in this case, Port Isabel to ask questions so we can move from being the less educated area to a more informed community so we do not continue to make the same mistakes that keeps us behind.

Information is power. Thanks and remember nothing will change if you stay silenced. Get involved.

Yolanda Garza Birdwell
Laguna Vista

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