County says no to Island topless bar

Port Isabel-South Padre Press

“Move to deny,” said Cameron County Commissioner David A. Garza during a meeting of the County Commissioners’ Court Tuesday. Garza was seconded by Commissioner Sofia Benavides, and with a unanimous vote, the Court denied Larry Mark Polsky’s application to build a topless bar on South Padre Island.

The Laguna Vista attorney didn’t mince words about the County’s decision. “I think they’re idiots. And you can quote me on that,” he said during a phone interview with the PRESS Wednesday.

“They don’t follow the law and they create legal fictions to suit their own moral purposes,” he continued.

Polsky’s proposal to build a topless bar on property he owns on the north end of South Padre Island — far past the jurisdiction of the City of South Padre Island, and well into the County’s area of control — has been in limbo since he first submitted his application in June of last year. Polsky submitted the application to Sheriff Omar Lucio, whose office is responsible for overseeing sexually oriented businesses within the County.

When he never heard back from the longtime lawman, Polksy sued for an answer. That ultimately nudged the County forward and a public hearing was set for late August 2017.

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