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David Rosales is an incoming junior at Port Isabel High School and, as a football player, has been hard at work for months getting ready for the 2019 season. He sat with the Press this week and shared his thoughts on how his workouts have been progressing, and the outlook for the new season.

“I like the workouts because at the beginning of the school year I wasn’t too happy with the results. Throughout the school year I’ve improved a lot,”
said Rosales. “It’s really been a blessing. With bench (press) I’ve improved by 50 pounds. On squat I improved by 100plus, and on power-clean I’m 50, 60 pounds above where I started.”

Rosales does not let up during his workouts and keeps an eye out for his teammates to make sure they don’t either.

“I hate it when people slack because I don’t want to be on the type of team that slacks. That’s not me – I don’t like losing,” he said. “So if I see them slacking I get mad and I tell them they’ve got to get their stuff straight.”

Rosales played linebacker on defense and running back on offense for a Tarpon JV squad that lost only two games last season. In the season opener they won 28-20 against Brownsville Porter. “We were all nervous,” Rosales related. “Before the game we huddled up and once we got on the field I told them, ‘I got this.’ The first play we ran I (got off) an 80-yard touchdown run.”

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