Senior Lowe Ready for Hoops Season

By Larry Gage 

Special to the PRESS

Jason Lowe, senior varsity basketball player at PIHS. Photo by Larry Gage.

If we’re in the middle of football season then basketball can’t be far off.  And this basketball reporter happens to know that all returning players for this coming season’s Tarpon Varsity squad have already been hard at work for months getting ready for the start of practice later this month. 

One of those players is third-year Varsity member Jason Lowe.  The Press found Lowe as he came out of athletic period at the high school and he found time to sit with the  Press and share his thoughts on his favorite sport and school life in general.  

“Yeah, it’s really exciting,” Lowe said Monday.  “We’ve been putting in a lot of work in the off-season.  We’ve been getting a lot stronger and we’re all working on our shots.”  

Lowe talked about the time he spent during the summer months, working on his game.  

“Over the summer I just took the time to work out by myself and try to get better at my own game.  Then when the school year started we all got back together and started playing in tournaments.” 

“We went to a tournament in Los Fresnos and we just got done playing in a tornament in San Benito in which we got first place.  We went 3-0.” 

Players representing area high schools can play in these off-season tournaments as long as their doing it on their own, with no coaches running practices or coaching games. 

“We don’t have a coach – we just go in as a team.  We coach ourselves. We make our own decisions and play our own game.” 

Running in the off-season is not emphasized in the Port Isabel program but the players know it’s important to show up for that first day of practice in good condition. 

“I think it’s the most important thing to be ready on the first day.  If you (come in out of shape) you’re at a disadvantage, and by the time you catch up it’s already too late.”

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