Rio History: Moments in Time October 24-31

By Steve Hathcock

Funeral Shuts Down City

Texas State Gazette. (Austin, Tex.) Saturday, October 27, 1849 

John Quincy Adams funeral was held at Washington. All business suspended in that city

 Goes Down on Padre Island

Brownsville Herald October 28 1875: The Ada lewis, with U.P. Heustis as master and a crew of seven bound from Brazos (Santiago) to New York with a cargo of hides, struck on the south end of Padre Island and went ashore half a mile north of the bar. A portion of the cargo was saved in a damaged condition.

Voter fraud 

Daily Herald (Brownsville Texas) October 25, 1890: We’re not in it! A repeater has been convicted in Philadelphia who confesses that he voted 37 times at one election and competent judges estimate that over 36,000 illegal votes were cast in Philadelphia at the last election. “Gee whiz, just think of it” one wag said, “Why the people down south are not in it a little bit with those up north when it comes to cheating at elections!”

A Curious Pet

The Daily Herald October 25, 1899: A curious pet is that of Capt. P Cummings, which is a young javalina or wild hog. He bought the animal when quite small and it has grown up quite tame, following the master like a dog. The little creature looks quite jaunty strolling after Capt. Cummins on the street with a pink ribbon on its neck.

In For Repairs

Brownsville Daily Herald (Texas) Friday, October 25, 1907: The launch “San Benito,” commanded by Captain Everson , arrived here today at 12:30, towing the schooner “Cleopatra,” in charge of Captains Constance Larouch Jr (and senior) and the launch “Tarpon” in charge of Captain  Collins. 

The “Tarpon” will be laid up here for repairs and the “Cleopatra” and “San Benito” will proceed up the river to the San Benito wharf. The flotilla left Point Isabel 2pm Wed.

Advertisement: The StasonTransfer Co. now have their Rambler Automobile in Service and when you want to get quick action on your money, either for a pleasure ride or on business, call up phone 139

Unique Parade 

Brownsville Herald October 28, 1909: A unique advertising parade was seen on the streets this morning when the firm of M. Sahualla & Company made a feature of the arrival of the new goods for this seasons trade. Eighteen  drays (wagons) well laden with large packing cases filled with merchandise headed by a brass band paraded the streets. The parade was in of a gaily dressed marshall mounted on a beautiful horse. One of the noteworthy parts of the parade was the long line of boys bearing signs calling attention to the goods being hauled in the drays. 


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