School Board holds workshop on mission, vision statement and SMART Goals

Laura Lyles Reagan

Special to the PRESS

PI-ISD school board members during their October 22 workshop. Photo by Laura Lyles Reagan.


The school board held an open workshop on October 22, 2019 to begin the process of writing its mission and vision statement as well as SMART goals for the district at large. The workshop was facilitated by Region One Educational Service consultant, Heriberto Villarreal. The board spent time collaboratively writing a working draft of the district mission statement. 

The working of their mission statement readsPoint Isabel Independent School District will provide a safe, rigorous, and innovative educational experience for all students, enhance parental involvement and community engagement, and cultivate academic programs that prepare students for college, career and workforce readiness.”

The consultant offered a framework for drafting the vision statement and district goals. They are: Goal Setting; Goals and Accountability; Sources of Information; Types of Planning (Strategic Goals and Operational Goals).

SMART goals are: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound. The board discussed the ways they could solicit district wide feedback from students, teachers, parents and community members. The board collectively named the topics for the goals that they would seek response to, from stakeholders. Mr. Villarreal cautioned that at least three goals are needed but there shouldn’t be more than six goals because research demonstrates a loss of focus after six goals.  

Mr. Villarreal summarized the board’s role as providing a PLAN for the district. PLAN is an acrostic which means: Provide direction for the district, Link the district priorities to governance tools and reinforce them, Assess progress toward the priorities, Notify the community about the priorities and progress toward them. 

Lastly, the consultant closed with the suggestions on superintendent performance goals.  The school board adjourned.

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