PIHS powerlifters earn medal at powerlifting meet

Port Isabel High School powerlifting team with medals they earned from this year’s Porter Invitational Power Lifting meet.













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This past Friday, January 17, Port Isabel High School sent its powerlifters to compete at the Porter Invitational Power Lifting Meet 2020 held at Brownsville Porter High School. Both the Boys and Girls teams came back with 6th place team finishes. The competition had several big schools in attendance, such as Brownsville Veterans, Pace, Hanna, Rivera, Los Fresnos and Harlingen South. As per Texas High School Powerlifting Association (THSPA) rules, team point scoring for all individual, regional and state meets will be 7, 5, 3, 2, 1 for the first five finishers in each weight class. Places are awarded on the total weight lifted in the three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.

The Boys division had 19 teams, with 153 lifters. Port Isabel’s Jonah Hernandez competed in the 220-weight class and earned a 2nd place finish, with 1255lbs lifted (squat: 500, bench: 315, dead lift: 440). The total gave him a region ranking of #7 (Region 5, Div. 2).

On the other side of the weight spectrum, Port Isabel’s Jaden Lopez competed in the 114-weight class, earning 3rd place with 850lbs lifted (squat: 350, bench: 185, dead lift: 335), with a region ranking of #1. In the 132-weight class, Port Isabel’s David Hernandez placed 3rd with 945lbs lifted (squat: 340, bench: 200, dead lift: 405), with a Region ranking of #2.

In the 198-weight class, Port Isabel’s Anthony Finona received a 4th place finish for lifting 1085lbs. Other athletes competing, all from Port Isabel, were Jonathan Mendoza (181-weight class) with 1135lb total weight, Christopher Finona (220-weight class) with 730lb total weight, Dante De La Garza (165-weight class) with 905lb total weight, David Ortiz (165-weight class) 825lb total weigh and Miguel Martinez (181-weight class) with 980lb total weight.

The Girls division consisted of 18 teams with 118 lifters. Port Isabel’s Viviana Lopez competed in the 114-weight class earning a 2nd place finish with 690lbs lifted (squat: 280, bench: 130, dead lift: 265). Lopez also has a Region 5, Div. 2 ranking of #2 in her weight class.

Another PI athlete, with a 2nd place finish, was April Puente (220-wt. class) with 705lbs lifted (squat: 300, bench: 145, dead lift: 260). The other two medalists were Jacqueline Perez (123-weight class) with 605lbs lifted (squat: 225, bench: 115, dead lift: 265) and Madelyn Galvan (165-weight class) with 690lbs lifted (squat: 275, bench: 145, dead lift: 270). Perez and Galvan both placed 3rd in their weight classes.

The next powerlifting meet is on February 1, 2020, at the Edinburg Quest HS Gym at 9:00 a.m.

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