Student struck by car dies

By Gaige Davila


A Port Isabel High School senior who was struck by a car on January 14 has died, Port Isabel Police Department (PIPD) confirmed to the PRESS. The student was in a coma until their passing. The PRESS was told by sources familiar with the student’s condition that the student was removed from life support systems per the family’s request.

The student, who was a senior at Port Isabel High School, was 17 years old, and died sometime on January 23. The PRESS is withholding the student’s name because they were a minor. 

PIPD Chief Robert Lopez said the department has concluded their investigation, ruling the death an accident. PIPD will not be filing charges against the driver of the vehicle that struck the student and is pending review from the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office of their decision. 

Sources familiar with the incident and investigation told the PRESS the death was ruled accidental due to multiple witnesses seeing the student deliberately throw themselves into the vehicle’s path. 

The student was seen arguing with another person on Port Road around 4:00 p.m. on January 14. Witnesses say they saw the student walk into the street as a car approached. The car stopped then continued driving once the student returned to the street. When the car drove closer, the student threw themselves onto the hood and windshield of the car.

In photos acquired by the PRESS, the car’s roof and windshield have considerable damage in multiple places. Witnesses moved the student from the street to a grassy area in front of the Laguna Madre Youth Center where they waited for first responders. The student was conscious when first responders arrived but entered into a comatose state sometime after. 

PIPD told the PRESS previously that witnesses, the driver, and the person the student was seen with were cooperative with investigators. 

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