Cameron County primary results available

By Gaige Davila

The results below are the unofficial, uncanvassed figures on voter turnout and cast ballots in Cameron County for the U.S. Presidential election. Figures show the top three persons based on number of votes they received.

A full, unofficial list of Cameron County’s election results and early voting turnout can be found at the links below:

Democratic Primary Election results:

Republican Primary Election results:

Democratic Primary Early Voting Turnout:

Republican Primary Early Voting Turnout:


President of the United States


Bernie Sanders – 33. 39 percent

Early voting: 5,515

Election Day: 4,576

Mail-in: 379

Total: 10,470

Joe Biden – 23.95 percent

Early voting: 2,720

Election day: 4,370

Main-in: 418

Total: 7,508

Mike Bloomberg – 20.27 percent

Early voting:

Election Day: 92

Total: 331



Donald J. Trump (Incumbent) – 92.68 percent

Early voting: 3,922

Election Day: 3,400

Mail-in: 298

Total: 7,620

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Guerra – 1.19 percent

Early voting: 61

Election Day: 36

Mail-in: 1

Total: 98

Bill Weld – 0.91 percent

Early voting: 38

Election Day: 37

Mail-in: 0

Total: 75


Voter Turnout

Cameron County

Registered voters: 212,982

Democrat ballots (total): 34,230

Republican ballots (total): 8,327

Dem. early voting: 18,948

Rep. early voting: 4,338

Dem. Election Day: 13,647

Rep. Election Day: 3,679

Mail-in (Dem): 1,635

Mail-in (Rep): 310

Precincts: 103

Port Isabel

Dem early voting: 759

Rep. early voting: 451

Primary election tallies from SPI, LV, and PI polling places are being gathered. 

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