Three arrested after shots fired on SPI

Loris Ellis Casiano.

Kristian Alexis Garcia.

Marco Antonio Uresti Cortez.


By Gaige Davila

Three people were arrested on South Padre Island this past Sunday, May 3, and charged with Class A misdemeanor assault, after several shots were fired during a fight among the three people and a victim. No one was injured. 

Loris Ellis Casiano (39) from Alamo is also charged with theft of a firearm and failure to identify (fugitive); Marco Antonio Uresti Cortez (30) was also charged with theft of a firearm. Kristian Alexis Garcia (25) from San Juan, was charged only with a Class A misdemeanor assault. 

Casiano had three active warrants from the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, for driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.  

South Padre Island Police Department (SPIPD) officers responded to a “disturbance” on the 1000 block of Padre Blvd around 9:00 p.m., near Denny’s restaurant and the Suites at Sunchase complex. The nature of the assault the three persons inflicted on the victim is not known, but the victim refused medical attention, giving a statement to SPIPD. No weapons were used, according to the police report on the incident.

All three suspects were arraigned at the South Padre Island Municipal Court the following morning on Monday, May 4. 

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