Sheriff’s Office still investigating ‘Jane Doe’ found on SPI

By Gaige Davila

A 3-d composite rendering of a woman found dead on South Padre Island, made by forensic artist Jorge Molina. Photo courtesy of Texas Rangers.

Eight years since a woman was found dead on the northern end of South Padre Island, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating who she was and how she got there. 

On July 3, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office said, in a Facebook post, they were still investigating the discovery of a ‘Jane Doe,’ an unidentified woman between 43-55 years old, 95 pounds and around 5 feet tall, with black, straight to wavy hair approximately 17 inches long, according to the woman’s missing person’s profile. Both of her eyebrows and lips were cosmetically tattooed.

On October 10, 2012, a man was walking on the northern end of South Padre Island, 5 miles past Cameron County Beach Access 6, discovered the woman’s body which, according to a KSAT report from 2012, had been disturbed by coyotes. In the woman’s missing person’s profile, her grave site was described as being partially unearthed due to “weather-associated high tides.” 

In the same KSAT report, FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee said her body being found in that area of the Island’s beach indicated foul play. 

“Her body was purposefully buried by someone who was attempting to conceal it,” Lee told KSAT.

On her body, according to the woman’s missing person’s report, lime was found on her body, which was likely used by the murder to accelerate decomposition. 

No cause of death has been publicly provided. The PRESS has filed a Freedom of Information Act for all files relating to the woman’s death investigation. 

The Cameron County Sheriff’s Office is offering a $1,000 reward for information on her identity.  

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