Sunsets defy imagination at Laguna BOB

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Those visiting Laguna BOB can count the incredible open air views on their two hands, but they will definitely run out of fingers. Sunsets defy the imagination and music can be heard every night at Laguna BOB (Bar on Bay) restaurant/bar, located at 2401 Laguna Blvd., South Padre Island and open every day from 11:30 – 2 a.m.
If patrons are lucky on a Saturday afternoon, a table can be had on the open deck. Basking in the streaming sunshine as the sound of good ole’ classic rock and roll fills the air, customers dance in their seats while sipping an ice cold beer or specialty drinks. Covered areas offer shade on either side of the open deck with tables or stools around the two bars. This might be someone’s choice as a country music artist plays their favorite song.
As numerous jet skis fly by and the party boats cruise slowly through the bay, Tom Reich, the bartender, creates one of Laguna BOB’s specialty cocktails, the Yellow Fin. It is sweet and fruity with just the right touch of rum, banana liqueur, and pineapple juice. His expertise shines through.
Not only is he an efficient and attentive bartender, Reich manages Laguna BOB. From bartenders to cleaning staff, Reich says his 10-year success at Laguna BOB is due to his excellent staff of 12 plus. With little turnover, he is able to train and assist in every aspect of Laguna BOB without employees moving on to greener pastures.
Beer connoisseurs will be hard pressed to request their favorite ice cold beer and Laguna BOB not have it in their inventory. From little known imports to non-alcoholic, it is there.
Reich is proud of Laguna BOB’s Bloody Mary, as he should be since the recipe is his and made in house. With just the right tang, salt, spices, and tomato juice, on a hot summer day, partakers will be ordering more than one.
For those more into fruit juice, the Coco Loco with rum and pineapple, is the cocktail they cannot miss. It is cold, refreshing, sweet, and just a little tart, making the world flow by as they gaze out over the bay from the bar.

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