Students thrive socially due to new cafeteria furniture


Angela Olivares has been Child Nutrition Director for the Point Isabel Independent School District for the last two years. Early in the fall, the School Board and the Nutrition Department devised plan to achieve their common goal of “creating an environment that was welcoming and inviting to the students coming out of a difficult year.”

Their plan was to install new cafeteria furniture in every campus.

The furniture was ordered in early fall and arrived during Spring Break. It was a lengthy process, according to Olivares. The furniture was created by the company J.R. Inc.

According to Theresa Capistran, Superintendent of Schools, the new furniture was a complete surprise to the students coming back from Spring Break. “We are so excited to be able to offer this experience to our students,” she said.

According to Olivares, “the design was thought very carefully with administrators from every campus.”

This ensured age appropriate seating for every student. According to Capistran, each administrator studied the cafeteria layout and evaluated the dynamics that occur in each campus in order to identify how to best utilize every single area possible in a way that students could thrive socially.

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