Hart raves about On the Border’s picture perfect specialty margaritas

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Ask Allison Hart, bartender and jack- of-all-trades, how she feels about working for a large conglomerate such as On The Border, and she will tell you it is the best place she has ever worked.

She has been with the On the Border team since before they opened on South Padre a little more than a year ago.

For two years she has learned every aspect of the services Hilton Garden Inn offers. She is a vivacious, attentive bartender who knows her stuff. Ms. Hart recommends any of the specialty margaritas on the menu. She raves about all of them. The prettiest she says is the Sangria Swirl.

She serves up a beautiful glass of red and yellow concoction that is picture worthy and tastes fantastic too. But, she adds, there is always a margarita of the month. June is Tikirita month.

Hart chats with each and every customer for a few moments to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

After taking their drink order, serving it up quickly, she disappears for a bit but returns with a huge complimentary basket of house made tortilla chips and salsa that will have you ordering a second specialty margarita. She won’t rush taking your food order because she knows it is difficult to decide with all the choices of authentic Mexican dishes On the Border’s menu.

She does have some favorites and recommends one or two. She isn’t wrong when she says the customer will like it. Ms. Hart sets down the steaming hot plate of cheese stuffed chile relieno and carnitas enchilada topped with salsa verde accompanied with On the Border’s special Mexican rice and beans.

With a big smile she says enjoy and let her know if anything else is needed. Ask her for some heat if desired because the cooks are careful to not make any of their menu items too spicy. Most Mexican food is not spicy-that is what makes On the Border so authentic.

The heat comes from the many versions of salsa available to add to the dish. Salsa translates to sauce in English.

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