Memorial Expression Session unites surf community

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The Memorial Expression Session took place on Saturday, Sept.10. The session is an annual grassroots event in which the local surfing community comes together to remember all the surfers who have called “The Jetties” home, and are now surfing the endless wave in the sky.
It was started several decades ago by local surfer Scott Gangel, and was brought back by SurfVive, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit, in 2016. It is truly a South Padre Island Surf Family tradition that celebrates the connection that local surfers have with the wave and with each other.
The event began with a circle-up and paddle out ceremony, where surfers shared prayers and memories of the faces that used to grace “the lineup.” Normally this would be followed by a just-for-fun surf competition, but this year the waves were too small. Instead, surfers participated in a “Paddle Battle” race around the Buoy. First place winner in the longboard division was Mark Scott, with Chris Moly taking the shortboard division.

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