Sigmund Freud dies at home in London

By Steve Hathcock
Editor’s Note: Moments in Time is a collection of recovered newspaper briefs and other publications that offer a look back at the history of the Rio Grande Valley and the rest of the world.
Sigmund Freud dies at home
in London
London. Professor Sigmund Freud, originator of psychoanalysis, died at his Hampstead, London, home shortly before midnight, Saturday night. He was 83-years-old.
Freud left Vienna and came to England after German annexation of Austria last year. He made the trip on funds raised in the United States by American doctors and scientists.  (Valley Sunday Star-Monitor-Herald (Harlingen, Tex.) September 24, 1939)
Will Removing Streetcars Improve
Traffic in Matamoros?
If the streetcars are not to be again operated, the removal of the track from 6th and 7th streets would again place these two important and direct ways of communicating with Santa Cruz in a condition to be used by carts and carriages. As it is now only 5th St is uninterrupted, and this is subjected to overflow from lagoon, and in wet weather, the lower parts are impassable mud holes.
If the street railway tracks are no longer to be used, they should be got out of the way and a good, paved street built from the center of the town to the ferry.
That a road, that is of no earthly benefit to the people and only a hindrance, should be allowed to exist, shows a great lack of vigilance on the part of the authorities. (Daily Cosmopolitan, Brownsville Tex. Sept 24, 1884)

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