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Constable’s Office x-rays Halloween candy

By ESTEVAN MEDRANO Port Isabel-South Padre Press editor@portisabelsouthpadre.com Although Halloween is celebrated for fun scares and monsters, no parent wants to be a part of the chilling possibility that their children’s candy could have piercing materials in them. It is this risk that motivated members of the Rio Grande Valley Mobile X-ray Lab and Constable Pete …

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Experts teach Junior Leaders about safety

This year’s Laguna Madre Junior Leadership class attended their Emergency Preparedness Retreat this past week. The class learned about and visited facilities relating to fire rescue, hurricane preparation, emergency coordination and protection. Places attended included: the City of South Padre Island Fire Department, SPI Visitor’s Center (Chamber of Commerce) and the South Padre Island Coast …

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County beach safety program fires coordinator, patrol supervisor

BY CHRISTINA R. GARZA Staff Writer press@portisabelsouthpadre.com The Cameron County Beach Safety program has undergone recent personnel changes. Beach Safety Coordinator Jammie Barnhill and Beach Patrol Supervisor Tom Wilson are no longer heading the program. Cameron County Park Director Javier Mendez declined to comment as to why and would only confirm that Barnhill and Wilson …

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