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City Park grant use discussed, hibiscus recommended as official flower

By ABBEY KUNKLE Special to the PRESS The Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Committee met last week for their regular monthly meeting to discuss a variety of topics including plans for the City Park and Community Center, nominees for the Yard of the Month program, and discussion to adopt an official tree and flower for the …

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Abandoned ships headache for property owners

By ESTEVAN MEDRANO Port Isabel-South Padre Press press@portisabelsouthpadre.com Abandoned boats may not be a common problem in the Laguna Madre region, but it is a frustrating one. Boats are typically abandoned once an owner decides not to repair or properly dispose of an inoperable vessel. The problem escalates when those boats are abandoned on private property, …

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Wardens seize shark boat

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Special to the PRESS February 12, 2015 Texas game wardens have seized a Mexican shark-fishing boat in state waters near the Texas-Mexico border. Wardens were patrolling the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday for illegal fishing activity when they spotted a Mexican fishing boat moving northbound in Texas waters. When the wardens, who were operating a 29-foot …

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GREAT OUTDOORS: Standing Up For What’s Right

By JIM FOSTER Special to the Parade Looking into current events, the first part of this issue was reported in the April 4 issue of the South Padre Parade. Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) and its commissions joined together to file a lawsuit in United States …

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GREAT OUTDOORS: 50 and Going Strong

By JIM FOSTER Special to the Parade It seems like the years are going faster and faster, and who would have ever thought we would be going strong in 2013. Back in 1963, our Texas legislators voted to combine two state agencies to create the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPW). We were watching the …

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GREAT OUTDOORS: Illegal is a Four-letter word

By JIM FOSTER Special to the Parade In this day of “bending the laws,” we sometimes overlook the fact that laws have been broken, at times beyond repair. Fishing without the proper license is bad enough, but being an “outdoor outlaw for profit” is a whole other matter. Sharks are the most common target and …

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