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Survey shows Winter Texans content with local security

By ESTEVAN MEDRANO Port Isabel-South Padre Press press@portisabelsouthpadre.com February 12, 2015 Winter Texans, a reliable group of visitors from the northern United States and Canada, who migrate to the Laguna Madre area to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather luxuries rarely found elsewhere during this generally chilly season, bring a needed boost to the Valley’s economy. …

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Geocachers search for hidden treasure

By DINA ARÉVALO Port Isabel-South Padre Press editor@portisabelsouthpadre.com January 22, 2015 “Whopper & B” laughed  as they traded geocaching stories with their friends “Willie and Wilma” beneath sunny skies just north of San Benito Tuesday. The two Winter Texan couples regularly team up to trek across the Valley in search of hidden treasures using GPS devices …

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GREAT OUTDOORS: Winter Texans Clean Up

By JIM FOSTER Special to the Parade Unless you live in a shell, I would think you have heard all the Winter Texan jokes. These jokes, sometimes funny and sometimes not, are along the lines of some jokes about a certain Texas university and ethnic areas with Polish populations. Well, jokes are jokes but getting down …

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