Workshop yields positive results for city, LMHS


Tuesday was a busy day for both the City of Port Isa­bel and the Laguna Madre Humane Society as the two continue to work on a plan for the operation of the ani­mal shelter. A luncheon at­tended by both sides led to added communication and a workshop later in the day appears to be showing signs that the two sides are work­ing towards an agreement.

“We are talking now,” said City Manager Ed Mesa, “and that is the first step. We both are sitting down now and trying to get this worked out.”

The workshop was heav­ily attended by members of the community and while not near as large as a pre­vious crowd the interest in the proceedings was just as intense. A major concern by the Humane Society Board is a lawsuit which is in place for a hearing on Monday. Both sides seemed to talk as if this would be worked out between attorneys from each side and neither had a formal comment on the suit.

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