City to take over shelter


This time the City of Port Isabel is following through. Paperwork was being pro­cessed Monday morning that will, in essence, force the Laguna Madre Humane So­ciety (LMHS) to turn over the operations of the Port Isabel Animal Shelter to the City.

This as City Manager Ed Meza works towards ensur­ing that qualified manpower is in place to properly handle animals.

“That’s the goal of every­one here,” said Meza, “the safety of the animals.”

Members of the LMHS are declining to comment to the media at this time, but in communications obtained by the Press, they are preparing to attend the commissioners’ meeting Tuesday night in or­der to speak in public.

“They are saying that they will be speaking,” said Meza, “but they are still saying the same things to us in the back­ground. We are trying to get them to provide us with the qualifications of their work­ers and instead of doing that, they are turning and challeng­ing ours.”

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    • Kyna Farmer on March 22, 2011 at 7:46 pm
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    It is amazing how every article regarding the situation with the Port Isabel Animal Shelter is written to favor the city. What happened to investigative reporting? There must be a reason for the city to have to make themselves look like they are the saving the situation. A situation that has been slanted, for certain.

    • Joe Bowling on March 23, 2011 at 7:18 am
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    I would much rather talk to you in person but will respond here at least this once. Prior to the last two articles I was able to write stories on this topic with both sides giving me quotes. For the last two I have been told by the spokesperson for the Laguna Madre Humane Society that they were taking a stance of NOT talking to the media. If you read the stories throughout this you will see over and over again that I have presented facts from both sides with quotes. I do not write editorials with the exception of a sports column in the Parade. Therefore anything I write is a result of investigating facts as they are presented along with quotes from parties involved.

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