Clayballs big problem on Island


The beaches on South Pa­dre Island have withstood another Spring Break. Now preparations are under­way so that the beautiful scenery, that is such a big part of the island, is in per­fect shape for the summer months and that is becom­ing a lay balls began wash­ing up on the beach near Isla Blanca Park just before Spring Break. This turned out to be something that is now an area roped off right in the middle of the park.

“We were happy to see the beaches improving through thee nourishment project,” said Deputy Parks Director Joe E. Vega, “but when the clay balls started rolling in we knew we had a problem.”

The parks department contacted the Corps of En­gineers when the first signs of this problem started up. Now weeks later they are still waiting for promised help.

“They told us at first that we would have to wait un­til after Spring Break, “said Vega, “and then they said there was a traffic issue and now they have said that they were having trouble getting the necessary equipment. Meanwhile there is this huge deposit right on our beach and we have had sev­eral calls and complaints.”

According to Vega he has been in communica­tion with the Corps and they have given him notice that they will begin moving the clay from the area this week.

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