Traffic issues prompt action


The City if Port Isabel will be looking at options to assist with traffic for the summer months while the construc­tion and repair continues on the Queen Isabella Causeway. At the City Commissioners Meeting Tuesday night, both citizens and commissioners chimed in expressing enough concern that this will be a line item on the next meeting in two weeks.

“It took me three hours to get from one part of town to the other, “said Calvin Burke, during an open session for the public to speak. “I am wor­ried that we are going to be looking at traffic like this all summer long if something isn’t done.”

Police Chief Gualberto Gonzalez expressed his gratitude to the South Padre Island Police for sending help last weekend as the two departments worked together on the traffic and keeping it flowing.

“They sent us two officers for Friday and two more on Saturday,” said Gonzalez, “and that helped us to know that they willing to help out.”

Commissioner JJ Zamora spoke at the meeting as both a member of the city and as a concerned business owner.

“I had to close everything,” said Zamora, “it is frustrating and I think it has a lot to do with TxDOT. We need to do something to get them to help us out.”

Mayor Joe E Vega indicat­ed that he had already made phone calls to TxDOT re­garding the concerns.

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