New law impacts Modern Venice


Amid heated debate in the background, two pieces of legislation took steps for­ward for the creation of an improvement district in Port Isabel. Members of the Port Isabel City Administration were on hand as testimonies took place Monday in Aus­tin. Even as the two pieces of legislation were being ap­proved, communications be­tween Mayor Joe E. Vega and concerned citizens continued with Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. and State Representative Rene Oliveira.

“We do not feel like they are presenting to us the facts here,” said Port Isabel resi­dent Paula Russ, “and there are things that do not add up as far as maps and legislation being voted on. We have a lot of people that are trying to get through to our lawmakers and right now we are looking for answers.”

Vega had indicated that he has also been in contact with the Lucio and Oliveira through a series of emails and phone calls.

“I have had a lot of people that are calling me,” said Vega, “and I have been doing all I can to find them answers and have tried to be a voice for their concerns.”

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