Nature Niche: Dolphin Side of the Moon

Special to the Parade

Nature Niche pic-11-17-11Sometimes wishes do come true. This is a photo that I truly wished for long ago in my early days on the bay. I was still using film. There was a full moon in the evening sky, and our dolphins were playing around.

I knew that the light was not great for photos, but I still snapped away. Each click cost money then, too. I could not resist taking a shot of the full moon, so I did, but I would save most of the 34 shots on the roll of film for any dolphin antics I could capture.

Framed by the calm bay and the distant full moon, I formed a photo in my mind of a dolphin leaping to the moon. I knew this would be difficult to choreograph – to have the boat in the right place with the moon behind if one of our dolphins did leap.

And then the leaping began.

One great leap near our boat… I missed it, then another. I missed getting my camera focused on that leap, too. Wishing for one more, I had my camera ready and, right in front of me, was a dolphin’s leap to dream of. Snap, I got it. But it was not with the moon in the background. We danced and danced by the full moon that evening, and soon the light faded and we said our thank you’s and goodnights and headed home, leaving our dolphins to dance the night away.

Bright and early, I headed for Walmart for the one hour developing. I had to see if I got that leap. I handed the roll of film to the photo man and might have mentioned that I had hoped for a dolphin leaping with the full moon in the photo. To my surprise, an hour later, looking at the photos for that leap, I could not believe my eyes. Here is this beautiful leap, blurred into two other frames laid over it. And of all things, the full moon is in the background. I did not know how it happened. Perhaps when I rolled the film up it caught, but it was the closest I was going to get to a leap and the full moon. I asked the photo man what happened to the photo, it looked like three frames superimposed on each other and he said that is just the way it came out.

In a sense, I guess my wish did come true. It is an interesting photo and sometimes I just wonder if our dolphins had anything to do with it! The mystery photo of our wonderful and mysterious dolphins… mama mia what a wonderful nature niche they have.

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