Techno-Logic: Kindle Fire closest to being iPad killer

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Techno-LogicThe tablet market is heating up with new devices like Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet.

Both are sub-$300 tablets and take aim at a market controlled almost entirely by the iPad, Apple’s popular tablet device.

At a glance, both tablets may seem underpowered compared to higher spec devices like the iPad and Motorola’s Xoom tablet, but some tech journalists have said that the Kindle Fire may be one of the best iPad rivals out there right now.

Is it an iPad killer?

Definitely not, but it doesn’t have to be. It just has to be the best Android tablet out there. Given the competition, that shouldn’t be hard to achieve. The Fire is designed so that the software works with the hardware.

By the numbers, it may not compare to a device like the Xoom (pronounced ‘zoom,’ by the way) but it can definitely cement itself in the tablet market thanks to the brand power carried by the Amazon Kindle.

Amazon’s main goal with this device seems to be content delivery. Their extensive book store and collection of streaming movies and TV shows makes it a great gadget for media consumption. Don’t forget that ordering your tablet straight from Amazon means it will arrive with your Amazon account already tied to it. This means a user can immediately begin purchasing content from the device. Those who already own a Kindle and are simply looking to upgrade are all set. Amazon was wise enough to include a library of all their purchased books so that they can immediately begin reading where they left off. The idea is that users get to keep the content they purchased and don’t jump ship to one of the competitors. It’s not a bad idea, as consumers who purchased hundreds of dollars worth of books (sometimes more) want to be able to keep them in some form. Switching to the competitor’s eReader would mean having to re-purchase those books.

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