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A few weeks ago, I talked about how connected we all are thanks to the internet. In fact, it’s become near impossible to go about our day without using the internet in some way. Whether it’s to pay bills, watch streaming movies or check our email and Facebook accounts.

Weirder yet is not having your phone or internet. Today’s smartphones are capable of so much that we can do all the basic stuff on them. That is checking your email, Twitter, Facebook, paying bills, etc. Now, imagine yourself without your computer or your smartphone for an extended period of time. It can become very frustrating.

Want to snap a quick photo? Too bad – you don’t have your phone on you. Want to look up the name of a movie or actor? Nope. Call a friend? Oh, yeah, the number’s not committed to memory. It gets pretty bad.

This again made me realize how much we rely on our devices to be our everything. Our computers are often how we communicate and get daily tasks done. Our cell phones, which were at one time built solely for communication, have become devices we need to constantly carry around, especially when we have jobs that require us to remain connected.

How long do you think you can go without the use of your phone or internet connection? It gets tougher than you think. That simple phone call to your buddy becomes impossible, because you don’t have their number anymore, even if it’s just for a short duration of time, such as a weekend.

The best thing to do is to back up all that information, perhaps even keep a hardcopy of it somewhere so that you can always have it on-hand in case a situation comes up in which you don’t have a way to access it on your computer or cell phone.

Technology, gotta love it.

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