Kayaking 101: Vacation over… or is it?

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Kayaking 101How does one feel after a vacation? Relaxed and ready to go, or dreading going back to work? Well actually, during my vacation I was missing work and missing being out on the water. It’s not only the great exercise, but it’s the unrestricted freedom one feels while out on the water. One thing that has been bought to my attention while gone is the wind. Several people have commented that the wind has been unbearable, making some postpone their daily outings until the wind dies down.

It’s all about knowing your limits and knowing when to say maybe the next day. Keep an eye on the weather and if it looks at all dangerous to get out there, postpone. Remember, safety first.

We will be having our free Deep Water Re-entry classes again on Feb. 7 and 14. Please stop on by if you have not gotten around to learning how to get back in your yak from deep water. Hopefully, the water is a lot warmer this time. It was hard to understand me last month with my teeth chattering from the cold water, but we had a great turn out and I hope to see a bunch of the ones who did not brave the cold water last time. For info, give me a shout at (956)-761-1669. Thanks again.

As Always, stay safe, always wear your P.F.D., and test your whistle every now and then. See you out on the water. For questions or comments on our stories, or to just let us know of a specific item you would like to see us cover, please place your replies on our face book page U.B. Captain, or email us at ubcaptainkayaks@yahoo.com.

Editor’s Note: Tony Crouch is a Certified Kayak Instructor and holds classes at U.B. Captain Kayaks, 5009 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX. For more info, call (956)-761-1669 or look for him on Facebook at U.B. Captain.

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