Kayaking 101: Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Special to the Parade

Kayaking 101Good day to all, I have a special announcement for all you kayakers out there. U.B. Captain is now jumping on board with Wilderness Systems Kayaks. We will be carrying a full line of their products here, and you guessed it, as soon as that load of yaks comes in, I’ll want to hit the water.

So, anyone wanting to hit the water to try some of these great yaks is more than welcome to come out. We are going to see just how easy it is to stand up on these bad boys. I will be posting the big day in next week’s article so everyone will have a chance to have some fun.

Now, for the info part of the story, dry bags. Having seen my share of cell phones come back wet, I would strongly recommend a dry bag. I know, a lot of people say the same thing, I don’t plan on getting my phone wet, but it happens. And last I checked, cell phones don’t go good with water.

For a few bucks you can secure your phone and avoid the hassle of having to switch all of your contacts over to a new phone. Now, bad side to this, you can’t use the excuse of losing someone’s phone number because your phone got wet, well you can, but well, that would be wrong. Lol.

As Always, stay safe, always wear your P.F.D., and test your whistle every now and then. See you out on the water. For questions or comments on our stories, or to just let us know of a specific item you would like to see us cover, please place your replies on our Facebook page, U.B. Captain, or email us at ubcaptainkayaks@yahoo.com.

Editor’s Note: Tony Crouch is a Certified Kayak Instructor and holds classes at U.B. Captain Kayaks, 5009 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX. For more information, call (956)-761-1669 or look for him on Facebook at U.B. Captain.

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