Nature Niche: An Ode to Precious Little Snowy

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Scarlet Colley

Scarlet Colley

Not many of the mothers with last year’s babies are around right now in the Lower Laguna Madre. They are off on a visit up the bay somewhere, and this is something they do.

They have to teach their little ones about their world, and what all there is to see and learn must be so much fun for them. In a tribal society like theirs, the little ones are totally dependent on their elders’ knowledge. But the ones that are here right now are enjoying being the only little ones around, and they are getting a lot of attention from everyone. They are getting a little spoiled, I think.

Last week, just before the northern came in, we were out visiting our dolphins and seeing who might be around. For some reason, all those trips, the dolphins were passing right by my dock as we were heading out to see them. They came right to us. Then stayed around and played and played. A little white baby I have named Snowy was getting spoiled those few days… really spoiled as he had the attention of the entire group.

From grandmas to cousins, this little dolphin was playing with everyone and loved the attention from us, too. He would race off and leap over one group of youngsters playing, then come over to us to swoop around in front of the boat and then off to the grannies who were feeding along the banks.

They tossed him off to the side as if to say, “Go play while we eat,” and Snowy would run to the teenagers playing, and they would toss him up and roll over him, then him over them. It was amazing, and how do words describe such times? So I saved room for the photo. Here is Snowy, our precious little Snowy. We love him so.

From our nature niche, this is Scarlet. Look us up at dolphinwhisper on Facebook.

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