Techno-Logic: How Often Do You Finish Your Games?


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I recently read an interesting piece about people who play games being surveyed. More and more people are playing videogames, but less are actually completing them. It’s estimated that around 90 percent of players will never finish a game they start. Obviously, the other 10 percent makes up the population that’s expected to actually complete the titles they play.

What’s more, this is the case with even the major games that get raving reviews. One fan of videogames on Yahoo! Voices wrote a short piece on why she thinks gamers are no longer completing games.

In a nutshell, she says, and I fully agree, that we simply have less time to play our games. For instance, the writer explains that she is a mother, wife and business owner. That’s something many of us share. Some of us have children now, we have jobs or careers and with that comes less time to devote to our favorite pastimes. On top of that, many of the people who are in my age range grew up on videogames. We spent our childhoods glued to the TV with a controller in hand. After all, we had no major responsibilities aside from maintaining good grades. As our generation grows, we have less fun time.

Furthermore, we have more releases. The writer explains that as well, and she hits the nail right on the head when she says that we often don’t get a chance to finish a title because within a month – more often than not, less than a month – the latest, greatest game is available and we want to give that one our attention. It’s a never-ending cycle. The previous game ends up on the shelf and on our backlog for a day that will never come.

So, reader, how often to you complete your games? Why or why not? Be honest. Shoot us a response: We’re listening.

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