Beach Bar Beat: Lyndia Luna

Lyndia Luna

With Jlyn, South Padre Parade

For this week’s Beach Bar Beat, I found myself in the mood to also catch one of our gorgeous sunsets on the bay. So, Coconuts Bar & Grill on Laguna was where I met our next bartender.

Name: Lyndia Luna.

Nickname: Lyn and “Lyndover,” but I’m not sure if you want to include that.

Bar: Coconuts Bar & Grill on Laguna Blvd. at SPI.

Where Are You From: Los Fresnos, Texas.

How Long At SPI: Half a decade of decadence, five years.

Your Specialty Drink: The Orgasm – my locals ask for it all the time cuz it’s so yummy.

Your Drink of Choice: I have the Captain in me, so Captain and diet.

Favorite Bar at SPI: The Reef!

Worst Pick-up Line You’ve Heard Behind The Bar: I’ve heard them ALL and they’re ALL bad and get worse as the night goes on.

Craziest Bar Experience: Finding a customer in the bathroom, pants down and… well, you can use your imagination on the rest.

If You Could Tell Customers Anything, What Would It Be: I’ve actually said this several times, “If you’re not tipping, don’t bother coming back – this is how I pay my bills.”

When you’re not bartending, what are you doing: Drinking or sleeping.

Where do you see yourself in five years: Owning my own tiki bar right here on the bay at SPI.

Your take on Spring Break: Love it – making the money and the Spring Breakers amuse me. I love to watch people, it’s so entertaining.

What song gets you into the groove while you’re tending bar: “We Found Love” by Rihanna.

If you could pick a group to perform here, who would it be and why: The Black Eyed Peas – they’re awesome and their beat gets everyone going.

If you could serve a drink to one person, who would it be and why: Blake Shelton – I love him.

Remember, before summer, we’ll round up all of our featured bartenders and you can vote on your favorites to participate in the South Padre Parade’s First Annual Beach Bartender Competition.

Feel free to send me your recommendations on where I should go next and which bartender you’re eager to know more about at And, it should go without saying, but if you see me out and about on the Beach Bar Beat, don’t be a stranger and join me for a drink.

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